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Hey can you write a future drabble of Samcedes??

A sharp, piercing cry crackled through the monitor at the side of their bed and interrupted the tentative sleep that had only just descended since the last time this had happened… two hours ago.

'I'll get her.'

Sam’s voice was still gravelly and rough with sleep as he rolled away from where he he had been wrapped around his wife, pressed tightly against her back. He threw out a long, pale arm and grabbed blindly at the baby monitor, the other hand raised to his mouth to stifle a huge yawn.

'S'myturn.' Mercedes protested sleepily, rolling over to face him in an attempt to recapture his warmth.

’Is it?’ Sam queried honestly, his face scrunching up as he tried to remember. This was the third… or maybe fourth? time they’d been awoken by the plaintive mewling of their firstborn, and he was struggling to keep track through the haze of tiredness that had been hovering over him since the day their child had been born, six months prior. ‘I don’t ‘member.’

'We'll both go.' Mercedes suggested, shuffling her body into an upright position so that she could swing her legs over the edge of the other side of the bed. Sam nodded, running tired hands through his already sleep-mussed hair. Blond tufts were standing up in all directions and his current worrying of it made him look like he'd just been pulled out of a haystack. Mercedes giggled as her husband came around the bed and held out a hand to her, she wrapped her fingers around his, standing on tiptoes and using their joined hands as support to reach up and make an attempt at smoothing down his hair. Sam smiled as Mercedes fussed over him, his eyes shining with love and warmth for this woman, his woman, who somehow managed to be beautiful even exhausted at three in the morning, his wife and the mother of his gorgeous baby girl. Sam felt the tears well up in his eyes as he looked down at her, but blinked them rapidly away. His gooey, sentimental thoughts were probably due to the sleep deprivation, he told himself, though he knew that he was lying through his teeth.  

Mercedes smiled shyly up at him, apparently having a similar thought process to his as she reached her free hand up to pull Sam down for a sweet, tender kiss.

'I love you, you know that?' she whispered quietly after their lips had parted and Sam nodded, a grin blossoming on his face until another woeful cry burst through the monitor in his hand. 

'The princess awaits.' he informed her without a hint of sarcasm, waving the device in his hand as evidence before he turned the doorknob and propped the door open with his arm so his wife could pass underneath. 

A few steps down the hall in the nursery, Sam watched as Mercedes lifted their tiny baby out of the crib and set about feeding her. He marvelled at the way his daughter’s tiny, perfect fingers - topped off by tiny, perfect fingernails - clutched at her mother’s waist. The baby was silent and content now that she was being fed, and long dusty blond eyelashes fluttered against plump caramel cheeks as she fought off the wave of sleepiness that would occupy her for the next two hours or so. Sam took his princess from Mercedes’ arms and burped her as his wife rearranged her clothing to get herself back together again.

Sam smiled to himself as his daughter spat up onto the towel thrown over his shoulder, even though he knew it was gross, he kinda thought everything his daughter did was cute. He was still being knocked for a loop by the simple fact that he’d helped make this person, this tiny weight that he held in his arms. Sure, he could probably do without the sleepless nights, nappy changes and earsplitting, terrifying cries, but he wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. They were happy, his little family unit, and that was all that mattered.

Later, when Mercedes slipped her hand through his to go back to their bedroom, Sam squeezed he hand gently and felt the familiar feeling swelling in the pit of his stomach. Love. He didn’t need any more confirmation that he was exactly where he was meant to be.

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