This didn’t turn out exactly how you said, but hopefully it’s still ok!


‘Why aren’t you getting ready?’ Mercedes asked her husband, watching him in the dressing table mirror as he lounged on their bed with his hands behind his head. He’d been openly watching her for the past ten minutes, his green eyes fixed on Mercedes as she applied her make up and sprayed on her perfume.

‘I am.’ Sam stated simply a faint smile on his lips as his wife swept blush over the apples of her cheeks.

‘You’re getting ready?’ Mercedes asked him in a monotone, one elegant eyebrow arched incredulously as her eyes flicked over Sam’s sweat pants and ratty t-shirt, ‘right now?’

‘Yup.’ Sam grinned at her reflection in the mirror, ‘this is part of my routine.’

‘Your routine is waiting until the last possible minute and then rushing about like a madman so we end up late?’ Mercedes paused as she considered the words that had just come out of her mouth. ‘Wow. That really is your routine.’

She shook her head and pawed through her make up drawer until she found what she was looking for, sliding the drawer shut when she was done.

‘I’m not waiting for you, you know.’ Mercedes warned as she unscrewed the cap on her lipgloss. ‘I’m not making the guys wait again. Last time Santana ate all our breadsticks in revenge and I had to spend the entire night trying to convince Kurt that the leaves in my hair were a fashion statement.’ 

‘I wanted to kiss you.’ Sam shrugged, sounding completely unrepentant as he rolled off the bed and lifted his arms over his head in a deep stretch. ‘Behind that tree was the only private spot.’

He grinned at the memory as he wandered over to Mercedes. Sam scratched idly at his flat stomach and leaned down to wrap his arms around his wife, nuzzling into her softness as he watched her slide the lipgloss wand over her lips.

'I like watching you get ready. It relaxes me.'

'The lastthing you need is to be more relaxed.’ Mercedes told him seriously, but Sam just grinned at her reflection and bent his head to plant an affectionate kiss on her temple. As he brought his head up his eyes caught on the unfamiliar container clutched in his wife’s hand.

‘Hey, is that new?’

Mercedes checked the tube and shrugged.

‘Kinda, I bought it a while ago but this is the first time I’ve used it.’

Sam raised a pale eyebrow as Mercedes pursed her lips into the mirror and screwed the cap back on the lipgloss.

‘Seriously, Sam.’ She complained, not bothering to look at him. ‘You need to get dressed.’

Sam ran a hand through his hair and admitted that she had a point. They were due to meet up with the rest of the old high school gang at Breadstix in a half hour and he was nowhere near ready. It was just that watching Mercedes put her make up on was one of Sam’s favourite pastimes. It was like a tour of all his favourite features. It started with Mercedes’ big, doe eyes and long eyelashes when she put her mascara on, then journeyed to her soft, kissable cheeks as she swept on her blush. After that there was the sexy dip of her neck when she put on her perfume… and then the absolute best part – when she put on her lipgloss.

Actually, for Sam the best part was removing Mercedes’ lipgloss – with his tongue.

‘I’ll get dressed.’ Sam promised, smoothing a curl out of his wife’s face and looking intently at her. ‘I just have to…’


‘…do this one thing…’

Sam had been inching his way closer to Mercedes as he spoke, and now he cut her off from saying anything else by pressing his lips to hers and darting out his tongue to sample the new flavour coating her lips.

‘Mmm’ Sam murmured thoughtfully as he pulled away from her, smacking his lips together as he savoured the taste of her on his tongue.

‘Nope,’ Sam shook his messy blond hair and leaned in to recapture Mercedes’ lips with his own. ‘Didn’t get enough, have to try again.’ 

This time Mercedes was nearly horizontal on the bench with Sam on top of her by the time they broke apart for air, and she stayed that way for a few seconds after Sam came back up again. He was licking the remaining gloss from his lips when Mercedes straightened up beside him, looking dazed.

‘It’s ok.’ Sam reviewed with a non-committal shrug. ‘It doesn’t crack the top three, though.’ 

‘There’s a… a top three?’ Mercedes asked, her voice trembling as her fingers fluttered to her hair, then to her lips, then down to her neck and back again. ‘Of… lipgloss?’ Mercedes guessed.

She was having trouble thinking straight. Actually she couldn’t remember her own name, but ‘Sadie’ sounded vaguely familiar. 

Damn Sam and his knee-weakening kisses!

‘Tropical Sunrise, Pina Colada and Pomegranate.’ Sam informed her without missing a beat, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at his wife as the stunned expression on her face began to fade.

‘You have… favourite lipgloss flavours.’ Mercedes stated carefully, looking like what she wanted to say was ‘Who is this man I married?’

No.’ Sam stood up and walked over to the closet so he could grab a shirt and some pants. ‘I have favourite Mercedes flavours.’ He corrected, his voice muffled as he sifted through the hangers in their wardrobe. ‘The lipglosses are like frosting, they just add a little punch to what’s already there.’ 

‘Did you just compare me to a cupcake?’ Mercedes asked with a confused frown, but her husband either didn’t hear her, or chose that moment to remain silent.

Mercedes swiveled around on the stool as Sam stepped out, buttoning up a light blue dress shirt as he went. It would be light blue, Mercedes thought treacherously - she was a sucker for him in light blue. There was definitely a part of her wishing it wasn’t covering up all that gorgeous, toned flesh of his, though. Mercedes refused to let her thoughts continue to wander down that path, so she forced herself to turn away from the hotness that was her husband to reapply her lipgloss.

When she turned around again, Sam was fully dressed and watching her with a wicked glint in his eye.

‘You reapplied.’

He walked towards her looking too nonchalant and Mercedes quickly got up from the dressing table so the bench was between them. She’d known him long enough now to know that she couldn’t trust that look.

‘Yup.’ she flustered. ‘I did. Time to go now.’

Sam tilted his head to one side but didn’t take his eyes off the smooth, cocoa plains of his wife’s face as he edged closer to her.

‘Are you nervous?’

‘No!’ Mercedes said a little too quickly as she fidgeted with the purse clutched in her hand.

Damn it, why had Sam made that cupcake comment? Now he was looking at her like he had a craving for something sweet and she was the last one left in the whole damn world, and he was wearing blue and her skin felt hot and… Sam gripped Mercedes’ hips and pulled her in for a long, hot and surprisingly sweet kiss.

‘Mmm… Pina Colada.’ Sam whispered against her mouth, breaking from her just to lean in and plant another, softer peck on her lips.

Excellent choice, Cupcake.’ Sam commended before he tugged on her hips to pull her back for seconds. His lips quirked when Mercedes sighed into his kiss and she dipped her hands into the back of his dress pants, snaking her hands under the hem of Sam’s shirt to graze her fingers lightly, then harder against the skin at the small of his back. When they pulled apart again the fresh coat of lipgloss Mercedes had applied was gone.

‘You know what, Cupcake?’ Sam breathed as he grabbed his car keys off the top of the dresser.

You’re going to need the tube.’

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